Warsaw Running Tours at 43th Warsaw Marathon and 15th Half marathon 2021

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The winners of the 43rd Warsaw Marathon over the distance of 42 km and 195 m were Yared Shegumo and Monika Andrzejczak. Shegumo from Ethiopia, representing Poland, achieved a time of 2:14.38, while Andrzejczak - 2:31.11.

Shegumo was unstoppable on Sunday. He led from the halfway point alone and won confidently. After crossing the finish line, he looked like he had run 10 km at the most. Nevertheless, he admitted that he felt tired. - I was a bit tired. The route was not so easy. I was running alone for most of the distance. Somewhere in the middle, I asked my colleagues if they would go with me, but they were already tired and I had to run alone' said Shegumo at the finish line, who three years ago struggled with a serious injury and took a long time to recover. The 38-year-old won the Warsaw Marathon after an eight-year break. In 2013, he clocked a time of 2:10.34, which is still his personal record. He was greeted at the finish line on Sunday by his children - seven-year-old Aron and nine-year-old Elroie.

Marathon men’s podium:

1. Shegumo Yared (Poland) 02:14:38
2. Nduva Boniface Wambua (Kenya) 02:18:03
3. Gosiewski Krzysztof (Poland) 02:23:43

Marathon women’s podium:

1. Andrzejczak Monika (Poland) 02:31:11
2. Stelmach Dominika (Poland) 02:41:43
3. Alder-Baerens Nele (Germany) 02:53:39

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Half marathon for Ukrainian runners

The half marathon was dominated by the representatives of Ukraine Bogdan Semenowycz achieved a time of 1:04.28 and was over three minutes ahead of Dmytro Didovodiuk. The women's competition was more exciting. Valentina Warecka broke away from Bogdan Semenovych's wife Natalia at the finish line and with a time of 1:17.14 was eight seconds ahead of her.

15th Warsaw Half-Marathon results:


1. Bogdan Semenowycz (Ukraine) 1:04.28
2. Dmytro Didowodiuk (Ukraine) 1:07.47
3. Radosław Gromek (AZS AWF Warszawa) 1:10.30


1. Walentyna Warecka (Ukraine) 1:17.14
2. Natalia Semenowicz (Ukraine) 1:17.22
3. Anna Lechowicz (Lathen) 1:23.09


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