Warsaw Orlen Marathon 2017. The biggest Running event in Poland

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On the 23rd of April – Warsaw stopped. Few of major communication routes were closed. The runners have taken over the city. Warsaw Orlen Marathon took place for the fifth time. Warsaw Running Tours was at the event.

In such dynamically growing business city like Warsaw running events are becoming bone of contention between commuters on one side, and runners and organizers on the other. This however doesn’t stop Warsaw Orlen Marathon to steadily grow every year. The event includes to distances 10 km and 42 for marathon. The 2017 edition counted over 17 000 runners.

The marathon was tough due to strong wind conditions. This is how the track looked like:

 Kenyan runner Felix Kimutai won the fifth edition of the Orlen Warsaw Marathon on Sunday. Kimutai covered the 42 km 195 m of the marathon in 2:10.34. The first Pole was Artur Kozłowski (2:12.38), finishing third overall. Belarusian Nastassja Ivanov was the first female (2:28.42), followed by Pole Izabela Trzaskalska (2:29.55).

In terms of technical advances used by the organizers Orlen Warsaw Marathon is a top event in Europe., while being just a stop being New York Marathon.


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