Running for clean air. Warsaw Running Tours takes part in project related to promoting clean air for runners

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The inaugural event of the "Running for Clean Air" initiative successfully unfolded on Wednesday at Warsaw's verdant Pole Mokotowskie Park. At 7 PM, a cohort of enthusiastic runners were graced with the opportunity to engage in a training session alongside distinguished professionals, including the crème de la crème of Polish long-distance running, Dominika Stelmach and Dariusz Nożyński.

The training commenced with an insightful introductory speech by Marek Tronina, the esteemed director of the Warsaw Marathon. Mr. Tronina elucidated the ethos behind the gathering, highlighting that this endeavor will span until the marathon in September. "Running for Clean Air" is a crusade spearheaded by the Clean Air Fund—a global philanthropic entity championing the cause of pure air in collaboration with World Athletics. The Polish contingent, comprising the Polski Związek Lekkiej Atletyki (Polish Athletic Association), Warsaw Marathon Foundation, and the Municipality of Warsaw, are orchestrating the local engagement. Moreover, Warsaw Running Tours has been heralded as one of the vanguards of this movement.

Nestled within the bustling heart of Poland's capital, a sophisticated sensor dedicated to monitoring air quality has been installed at Pole Mokotowskie Park—a beloved haven for the city's running aficionados.

The training session embarked with a brisk run at a moderate pace, shepherded by Stelmach and Nożyński. Subsequently, participants were bestowed with a rare privilege—a session dedicated to stretching and sprinting under the tutelage of Dominika Stelmach. The day's activities reached their zenith with a stimulating 2-kilometer run, adeptly led by Dariusz Nożyński.

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Michał Dzida
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